Roger Tolomeu

I have learned so much about food and how to adapt my needs based on my routine and training.

All you need is knowledge!

If you are struggling with your progress and feel like you have tried everything but can't go further. Maybe you just need specialized support! :)

I am a very DIY person. I don't like to ask for directions when traveling, I like to do home projects by myself and with fitness it isn't different...

I have made my own plan in the past, tried, modified, tried again, and that has helped me up to a certain point...but I did not know what to do next to continue to improve my health and fitness, specifically when it came to nutrition.

That's when I knew I needed expert advice and reached out to James at Resilient Nutrition.

James took into account the experiences I've had in the past and took me from there, we built a plan together with clear expectations and timelines and at every weekly check-in there was an abundance of knowledge he would share in relation to my week's feedback. This kept making the following weeks easier and easier, moving me towards the goals I was looking for.

Even if life happens and you think you messed it all up. James was there to bring me back to my path and helped me better deal with these situations in the future.

That was really important in difficult times. When things get busy, you don't need a coach to say "shame on you" instead, you need someone experienced and able to understand your current situation to help you adapt your plan moving forward.

While working with James I've learned so much about food and how to adapt my needs depending on where I'm at with my routine and training. I'm very grateful for the progress I've achieved while working with James and moreover the motivation I gained to continue working on towards my goals.

If you are looking for a change on your Nutrition Game, Independently of your level of fitness and nutrition knowledge, James will certainly help you!

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Amanda Goldfischer
I think for me the greatest thing I have taken away from this journey, is that the scale TRULY does not matter.
Bobbi Jo Kemble
I’m down two pant sizes and I’ve got my pre baby body back. And best of all I am healthier, stronger, and happier than I’ve been in years.