Azalia Rodriguez

I have learned to be smart with my overall lifestyle.

15 weeks with Resilience Nutrition! 

It has been a process, learning about nutrition and how to take care of myself with food. But it has been much more than that. I have learned how to fuel my training and aide in my recovery, both with nutrition and sleep habits.

I have also learned to be smart with my overall lifestyle.

It is more than just eat healthy food and workout. I'm still learning and have more goals to achieve. But I'm very happy with the progress I have made so far with Resilience Nutrition! 

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Amanda Goldfischer
I think for me the greatest thing I have taken away from this journey, is that the scale TRULY does not matter.
Eileen Merges
I am so excited, my best years are NOT behind me I turn 50 in November and feel as good as I ever have!